Canada Trip 2005


This is the third year the Keith family has gone fishing in Canada for a week. Janette has made it all three years, starting in 2002, with Angie, David and Linda. In 2004 Nathan and Laura were also able to make the trip, and we have a few pictures from that trip if you want to check them out. This year Blane planned to join us too. In the week before the trip, though, we ran into a couple problems.

During the week befor we went David tried to contact the camp where we planned to stay, and confirm the reservations. He wasn't able to get ahold of anyone, so he left messages to call him back. By the end of the week he still hadn't heard back from the camp. During the week, though, there had been a thunder storm and it fried his modem so he thought the camp may have e-mailed him and he just wasn't able to get it.

A few weeks before the trip a random dog had started hanging around David and Linda's house. It was super friendly, and would sit on command and play fetch so they were pretty sure it had been someone's pet. They asked around, though, and couldn't find anyone who had lost a dog in the area. They were hoping to find a good home for it before we left, but no one came forward to say they were interested. Finally David had to find someone to come and feed him every day while we were gone, and hope that they could find a home for him when we got back.

Angie and Blane were also having some problems. The lease on their apartment was up at the end of June, and since we were leaving the last week of June and returning after the first of July they needed to find a new apartment before we left. They finally found a place they thought would work the week before we left. When they started to move things in, though, they realized that it wasn't what they had thought it would be, and decided that it wasn't going to work, leaving them with only a couple days to find a new apartment and move. Blane was also extremely busy with work, and was having trouble getting ahold of his manager to see if he could get the week off. Finally they decided that they wouldn't be able to make it because Blane was too busy and they needed to find an apartment and move before the end of the month. This put the rest of us in a bit of a tight spot because Blane was planning to bring a boat with him and we were going to rent another one from the camp where we were staying. Not only were we now short a boat, but Blane and Angie were the only ones who had driven a second boat, so even if we were able to rent one someone would need to learn how to drive.

We were also planning to all pile in the Keith family van for the treck north. In the week before the trip the van developed a problem that wasn't fixable before we were planning to leave. Not to worry though, we would just take a the Keith's truck and their car. It would mean two of us would need to drive, but it wouldn't be too bad. As the day to depart drew closer, though, we became more worried about a few of the problems the car was having, and finally decided that at 12 hour trip probably wasn't the best way to test our luck. Finally, we settled on the truck, and Janette's car which she had just purchased a few weeks earlier.

With all these problems we were starting to think we weren't really meant to take this trip to Canada. Instead we decided that it was a sign that we needed to get away, so Sunday morning we packed up the car and the truck and away we went.

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