Canada Trip 2005



Friday morning we got up ready for our last day of fishing. It looked like the rain had pretty much cleared off so we were excited for a really good day. We packed everything on the boat and headed back to the spot PT had told us about to see if it still had its magic. By time we got there it had started to rain a little, and we thought it might be another miserable day. The rain let up pretty quickly, though, and the sun came out to make for a wonderfull day to fish. A little while after the sun came out we saw a family of loons swimming and fishing on the lake. It was fun watching them dive and come up with a fish almost every time, and make sure their young ones were okay and well fed.

Loons closeup

PT had been right, we were getting pleanty of bites, and bringing in lots of fish. We were catching motsly croppies again, so we didn't really have to worry about reaching our limit and more than once there were three of us pulling in fish all at once. After a little bit we decided to take a break and pull up to the shore to stretch a little. We also decided it was safe to put away our rain gear since it had become sunny and was starting to get warm for the day. Since it was such a nice spot we decided we should get a group picture too.

Boat tied up Linda, Laura, Janette, and David

After our little break we went back out to catch a few more fish. The fish seemed to be biting almost every time we put our poles in the water, and we ended up with quite a catch for the day. Janette even brought in a 13 inch croppie! Eventually we started getting hungary and decided to head back to camp to have some lunch and clean all our fish. It turned out to be our biggest fishing day, and a lot of fun. Someone had to take the picture of us holding the fish, so Janette wasn't able to be in the picture, but she caught her fair share.

Catch for the day Fish

After we got done with lunch and cleaning the fish we decided we should probably start getting ready to leave the next day. We all started packing things back into our bags, and David and Janette started puting fish in freezer bags and labeling them to go across the border.

David and Janette packing fish
Rushing River

We relaxed a little more and then decided we should make the traditional trip to Rushing River before we left. It was a beautiful afternoon and a great day to check out the rapids. We stopped by the store and had some ice cream, and then headed back to the cabin to relax a little more and finish packing what we could.

That night we deicded to go our to our favorite spot from last year one more time. We got a few nibbles, but we weren't able to bring in any fish and decided that we should come in before it got too late so we could pack things up before it got dark.

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