Canada Trip 2005


Tuesday Morning's Catch

Tuesday morning we got up ready to catch some fish! Apairently the fish thought that seemed like an okay idea too. By time we came in for lunch we had five fish on our stringer ready to be cleaned. We were even starting to think that fishing may not be too bad this year.

Unhooking a fish Tuesday Morning's Fish
Netting a fish

Trees down on the trail

After cleaning the fish, we had our first meal of fish for lunch. It was great! Then we deicded to take it easy for the afternoon and wait for the "prime" fishing time again in the evening. We had started to learn why we had trouble getting ahold of the camp the week before we came too. On the drive up we had noticed quite a few trees that were snapped off about half way up. When we got to camp we found quite a few more trees that had been snapped off, and we saw them everywhere we went on the lake. We had heard that the trails were a little dangerous to take because there were fallen trees on them, but we decided to try one this afternoon and see how bad it really was. We didn't end up making it very far before we ran into some fallen trees across the trail. David went ahead and found that it didn't get much better. We also found that the mosquitoes were big and hungary, and there were A LOT of them. So we came back to the cabin to take a nap instead.

Tuesday Night's Catch

That evening we had an early supper again and then headed back out to catch some fish. Our spot didn't treat us quite a well this time, but we did come home with a few fish so at least we weren't going to starve.

Tuesday Night's Fish

That night we cleaned the fish and then hung out in the cabin again until we went to bed. I think the fresh air was starting to affect some of us a little bit.

Janette dancing with the fish Nathan ... lost Laura going nuts

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