Canada Trip 2005


Saturday morning we got up early, finished packing the cars and started heading south. It was a long drive, similar to the one coming north, but we had a good time. The border crossing guards were very nice again, and we had no problems getting back across. They did look at us a little funny when they asked if we had any fish and we said "Not in our car," but when we explained that David and Linda had all the fish in their truck it was okay. Then we just drove and drove and drove, until finally we made it back to Iowa, and home.

After helping to unpack the cars Janette and I decided we should head home to see our kitty, and find out how bad the water damage was. We had most thing up on pallets, so we didn't think it would be too bad, but we still weren't really looking forward to it. When we were about 10 miles from home Janette called Lana to see how things had gone and we got some more bad news. There had been some storms with strong winds while we were gone and one of the trees in our back yark had blown over onto our small shed and garage. Sure enough, when we got home the tree had crushed our shed, and was hanging from the power lines. We called the power company right away, who came and told us it was actually hanging from the cable lines, and should be safe for us to cut. We also called our insurance company that night to try and find out what we would need to do to start filing claims for both the tree and the basement, and then unpacked some things, and eventually went to bed much later than we had wanted to.

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