Canada Trip 2005


Janette with the Viking

Sunday morning we got up bright and early so we could get everything packed and be on the road by 8. As we were loading the vehicles it started to rain really hard. When it started a few of us were in the shed, and a few of us were in the house, and for about half an hour everyone pretty much just stayed where they were and waited for the rain to let up a little. Eventually it did let up enough for us to finish packing, and we started our treck north just a little later than we had planned.

Since we had originally planned to drive two vehicles, and have two boats, we had walkie-talkies, and boy were they convenient for the drive. Not only could we decide where we wanted to stop for lunch, but we could talk back and forth between vehicles and both tune in the polka station on the radio. It was a good time.

We drove for a while, and then decided to stop for lunch. After lunch Janette had to hug the Viking for good luck. We figured it couldn't hurt.

Keith Truck

After lunch we drove, and then we drove some more, and we drove, and then we stopped for supper, and then we drove some more. It's a long ways to Canada, and we watched the back of David and Linda's truck the whole way. We took turns driving, and it wasn't too bad.

Finally we made it to the US/Canada border. We were kind of nervous to talk to the crossing guard since we'd never had to do it before. The lady we got though was really nice, and everything went smoothly. Unfortunately, just because we were now in Canada didn't mean we were almost there. The camp we stay at was another couple hours, and we still needed to get our fishing license before we got to camp.

No Eating Beans While Driving

As we were driving through Canada we noticed some of their signs, which are different than US signs. Most of their speed limit signs had both Kilometers per hour, and Miles per hour listed, so we couldn't get in too much trouble there. They did have some that we did think were a little odd. For example, there was this one. We think it's saying "No eating beans from a can while driving. The punishment for this is either to pay a $500 fine, or be beaten by a small hammer." Like I said, I'm not up on my foreighn signs, but I think that's what this one meant.

Just before sunset, we made it to the camp. We got checked in and unloaded everyting we could for the cabin. We didn't know which boat we were renting so we couldn't get our fishing gear in the baot, but we got everything else in the cabin and put away. Then we went to bed so we would be ready to start fishing in the morning.

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