Canada Trip 2005


Monday's Catch

Monday morning when we got up the temperature had dropped quite a bit from the day before. It was Great! We also had a note from that camp that we had a phone message waiting for us from our friend Lana who was watching our house. We were worried that our cat had run away, or something else terrorrable had happened. When we got ahold of her we found out that our cat was okay, but we had water in our basement from the rain on Sunday. We deicded that there was nothing we could do from Canada, and we weren't going to up and leave right away, so we asked them to do what they could and we would deal with the rest of it when we got home.

We talked with the people at the camp and decided all five of us could fit in one boat for the week. It was a little crowded, but it was better than trying to teach one person how to drive, and being spread out the entire week. We got everything loaded into the boat and made it out by mid morning to go catch our first fish of the week. We didn't have much luck that morning, and when we came in for lunch we'd only had nibbles. We weren't worried, though, because last year our best fishing had been in the evening.

Monday's Fish

We took it easy that afternoon and waited for the "prime" fishing time. While we were relaxing Janette thought she saw the pastor who had married us. She pointed him out when he walked by again, and I could see where she got the resemblance. But what are the odds that he would know about this little church camp up in Canada, much less that he would be there the same time we were?

Late afternoon we had an early supper and then headed back out to the spot where we had done so well in last year. The spot didn't let us down, and we came in with nine fish for the night. After cleaning them, we headed to bed to get ready for another exciting day of fishing.

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