Canada Trip 2005


Nathan, Pastor Trachte, and Janette

Well, Janette had been right when she thought she saw the pastor that married us. Pastor Trachte was actually at the camp, so we decided we needed to have our picture taken with him. It turned out that one of his first jobs was camp director at this camp, so he knew it very well. He was there with his brother for a week of fishing and relaxation, and they were doing quite well. On Wednesday night he stopped by our cabin and told us the spot they'd found that was keeping them well fed for the week.

We decided we needed to check this place out so we got up Thursday morning and got ready to head out. It was a little drizzly and overcast so we made sure to pack our rain gear. It was a bit of a boat ride over to the spot, especially with five of us in the boat and not the biggest motor. By time we got there it had started to rain a little, but we figured we were there so we may as well fish and maybe it would let up.

Wednesday's Catch

One thing it definately did not do was let up. We all got pretty well drenched even with our rain gear on. We stayed out there for a while though, and were able to catch a few nice croppies. Each time we decided would take one more pass and then go in we'd get a couple good nibbles or a solid bite and decide to stay longer. Eventually, though, we were all wet and cold and ready to go in. That was one long ride back, being cold and wet and having the rain flying in our faces. I'll have to admit that I was glad I wasn't driving so I didn't have to keep my head up.

Wednesday's Fish

We did end up with a descent catch for the day, and after changing into dry clothes figured we could even pose for a picture between raindrops. After cleaning the fish, and having lunch we pretty much stayed inside and tried to stay warm for the rest of the afternoon. The rain did finally clear off a little in the afternoon, and we even got a visit from Chippy. He actually came into the cabin while we were in there hoping to get a little snack. We couldn't really say no, so we tossed snacks to him for a wile until he got full and ran off.


We went back out in the evening to try out our spot from last year. With it raining all day nothing really seemed to be biting, though, so we came decided to turn in for the night.

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