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How’s your 100 day challenge?


Did you start one?? Did you commit to being active at least 30 minutes everyday for 100 consecutive days?

My streak right now sits at 92 days and I have every intention of finishing it. It feels good to have that first 100 days out of the way when I’m aiming for 307 this year! almost 1/3 of the way there!

Progress also feels good. When I broke my foot in September, I gave up eating right, I had to give up exercising like I was used to…and I gained some of those pounds back I lost last spring…well, no more. Today, I have officially lost 10 of those 12 pounds.

This does not mean I’m 2 pounds from my eventual goal…it just means I’m 10 pounds closer! :)

Now, I only wish the days I did 2 workouts counted for 2 days. :)

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