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Well worth the wait.


Ellie and Ev got scooters last Christmas. After riding them once in Grandma’s living room, they’ve been stashed in the basement just waiting for spring. Haven’t we all?? (well, maybe you haven’t been stashed in your basement…but I think we were all happy to see spring!)

The first go round was very successful! They were so much better at them than I expected them to be. Evan got his right away. Ellie’s took a little more balance. But, before long they were having races up and down the driveway.

Look at the concentration necessary…tongue out and everything!

Thanks for the Christmas gifts Grandma and Grandpa Friesen! They make us happy!


  1. oh the tongue just kills me!!! adorable! and ellie’s sweet smile…. *sigh*

  2. Fun! Casey has been practicing his in our garage…cuz it’s not filled up Yet…

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