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My semi-annual blog…and big changes


Apparently I’m a twice a year blogger now.

I’m always hopeful this will change and I’ll find something fantastically exciting and noteworthy to blog about.

Well, I guess this makes the cut on both of those levels.

The Friesens are doing something I never saw coming. We’re moving. Not just moving houses in the same community, or moving to a nearby community…like moving, moving. Nathan was sought out by a company in West Des Moines looking for a software developer. We decided there was absolutely no harm in interviewing with them and seeing where it would lead. It’s led us to this…selling a house, buying a house (which has proven to be way more exhausting than I ever thought possible…although we have a fabulous realtor helping us out!), choosing a new community, a new school, and an eventual new job for me.

Emotion check: scared, terrified, excited, nervous, apprehensive, anxious, excited (oh, wait…i said that already). But to sum it up: OVERWHELMED

Then “Why are you moving?” you may be asking.

My answer…because we’re jumping and trusting we’ll land. ┬áBecause we believe in seeing signs around us and following those signs (which I truly believe to be divine) to where we need to be.

But, for as much as we believe, we still have fear. Which seems absolutely ridiculous to me…but we do. It’s in our nature. Mine for sure.

I’m still clinging to hope that we’ll see this in our yard very soon (I’m told it helps if you list your house first though…baby steps)…and then we’ll be truly on our way.


  1. Congratulations. FYI, ankeny is a great community, especially East elementary!!

  2. Super excited for you & your family on your new adventure. Sad that you are leaving us. If you need anything let me know if I can help in anyway. ????


  3. OOOOOOH!!!!!! I’m so excited for you guys, but will miss you terribly! Oh wait…I never see you anymore as it is! Well…you constantly cross my mind! This will be a wonderful adventure. You’re super fabulous people and WDSM is lucky to have you! Let’s meet up before you go!

  4. That’s very exciting news! It will be nice to have you so close.

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