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a break from the winter monotony


I know that winter wasn’t real bad this year…but there were still plenty of days we didn’t feel like going outside!

We headed to the Children’s Museum in Coralville one Friday to break up the routine of being inside. We’d never been there, but had gotten free kid’s tickets with our donation to IPTV last year so thought we’d try it out.

This was Evan’s favorite place. He loved launching the rocket that he built with daddy.

Well…next to this…you built your own car and then sent it racing down the track. We had to pull him away.

Hot air ballooning.

Ellie…fashion model?

Ev and I tried our hand at the flight simulator. He thought it was hilarious to crash into the ground over and over again…so we didn’t actually spend much time flying.

The cube of mirrors – this was awesome. Both kids loved this (and it wasn’t just the kids – i got in too!)

What would a trip be without a stop at Chick-fil-a? Peppermint shake anyone? ¬†Ev agrees they’re the best!

And a carousel ride to finish the day.

What a great day spent inside!

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