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a bit of an improvement


So…I know you’re dying to know about the run.

Sorry…I’d gotten behind on blogging and had to catch up first. I’m like that.

What a gorgeous day for a run! Last year, if you’ll reminisce with me, you’ll remember it was a balmy 38 degrees. It left us wishing for appropriate running clothes, and a warmer spring.

This year, 57 degrees at race time and beautifully sunny, which left us wishing we hadn’t worn so many clothes by the time it was done.

Beth picked me up on this beautiful morning and we were off to meet Stacey in Cedar Falls.  (I cropped the picture because I didn’t like how the lower half of my body looked in it…but now realize you’re missing the best part – Beth’s pink sweatpants! They were the perfect thing for her to wear – if we got separated in a crowd, I could usually locate the pink pants!)

Don’t we look excited?

I wish one of us had brought a camera to the run…that way we could have gotten Stacey in the picture too. And we could have had a victory photo. Not victory for winning…victory for finishing of course!

I can’t speak for the other two ladies…but the run was awesome. Mile one felt great…miles two and three just kind of went by… and mile four, well that was probably the hardest for me. We were nearing the end I could tell. I’m not sure where Beth got it, but she found some pocket of unused energy at the end and took off trying to catch a mom pushing a baby jogger before we got to the finish line.

At the end…of course greeted with a buffet of healthy options…fruit, bagels, etc…and then there were the things I chose…a zinger and a ho-ho.

But…I did share.

We have to keep them excited about mommy running too. It’s all about the support system!

And over last year…quite an improvement I’d say.

I don’t know if you can read it at the size I have it posted…

Last years time is on the left: 49:17

This years time is on the right: 42:56

Since my two goals were to run it all and improve on time…i’m feeling accomplished. I’ve got a new goal for next years run though…find that unused pocket of energy, and use it to beat Beth.

Stay tuned for the next run of the season…the library’s own Run Your Buns Off…June 4th!

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